Cheat meals vs. Reward Meals


On occasion, I will be asked if I believe in cheat meals. This is a tough one to answer. 

My program is set-up with cheat meals that eventually turn into reward meals. However, what constitutes a cheat meal is the real question. 

First, remember, this is a cheat meal- NOT a cheat day. This is one meal that you can splurge some calories on. However, overindulging is not acceptable here. The point of a cheat meal is to enjoy something you have been depriving yourself of. For example, a pasta dish you really enjoy or a few slices of your favorite pizza. It might even be a chocolate brownie. A cheat meal doesn’t consist of a fried appetizer, followed by a cream soup and then a heavy cream pasta dish and following it up with a lavish dessert. This equals disaster. 

Now, a reward meal is a little different. This meal is still considered a healthy food option, but in a place you enjoy that you don’t have to cook or prepare. You may even decide to compliment your meal with a glass of wine. A reward meal is something you feel you have earned for staying consistent and on track all week with your food options. Your reward meal can be once a week or once a month. It’s up to you. 

Just remember, the more allowance you give yourself the longer your results will take. Believe me you will notice progress and be happy with the results you are getting, but your cheat meals and/or reward meals might even make you feel guilty. But try to remember- you EARNED this. 

So, in short- a cheat meal helps you get through your cravings the for the first 4 weeks, a reward meal is something you continue to enjoy as you change your lifestyle. 

Eat and Enjoy!!! 


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