Wahoo Kickr Trainer

I was so excited to get my Wahoo Kickr trainer to help my client and I be prepared for our Lake Tahoe 72 mile ride. I have to admit, it took me over a week to get my road bike all hooked up since it has been up in the garage since last summer. Then, I downloaded the Wahoo app and thought I was ready to go. I was excited to use some of the apps that Wahoo had recommended; So, I had my phone out and the Bluetooth ready. At first, the wahoo Kickr connected right away and then I decided to do the power test. The trainer seemed to be giving me an uneven pedal rate and was a bit annoying. I tried to adjust it and completed the spin test, but I don’t think it was my best effort. Afterwards, I was confused. What was my next step? It looked like I needed to register, but once I did that – I still didn’t have any data. Plus it gave me no indication on how to start a workout. I was starting to get frustrated. So, I tried one of the apps recommended by Wahoo to see if it would calculate my ride. Unfortunately, this is when my Kickr was no longer connected to blue tooth but I’m not sure why. I had to unplug the trainer from the wall to get it to connect again. Then, I had to perform another power test. Even after I did all that , the  workout didn’t start and my pedal stroke was still uneven and not smooth. Now, I had an hour and 15 minute ride to do and I had wasted 30 minutes on technology. Finally, I choose to finish my ride on my indoor reaction cycling bike. I was not happy. As of today, I still haven’t figured it out.



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