Why did I switch from using plastic cutting boards to wood cutting boards?

The answer:  Someone wiser than me told me too. 

Honestly, I was watching a cooking video and while she was cooking her food, the Chef explained why using a wood or bamboo cooking board was better than plastic. 

So, let me share this with you.

First, as you cut your food on the board, juices and food particles can slip into the grooves that you are making in the board. With a good cleaning, most of the time you can disinfect and remove these juices and food particles. However, on wood cutting boards, bacteria will sink down beneath the surface of the cutting board, where it doesn’t multiply and eventually die off. On plastics boards, however, bacteria can get caught in knife grooves that are near impossible to clean out, whether the board is washed by hand or dishwasher. So while sparkling new plastic cutting boards might be easy to disinfect, any weathered plastic boards will hold onto bacteria.

Second, as you cut into the board and move the food items to your dish, little parts of the wood or plastic will travel with the food. This will end up in your stomach eventually. Although, a little plastic won’t hurt you, ingesting plastics over a period of time will cause digestive issues and possible sickness. Whereas, wood or bamboo is much safer and can digest in the system.

In my opinion, wood seems like the safer option to me.


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