Food Choices That Fit You

eatDon’t try to fit into someone else’s nutrition plan, choose food that fits you and your lifestyle.

Each person on this planet is born with a different DNA, which makes us who we are. No one is like us, therefore, why should you try to eat the way somebody else eats.

As your body has developed over the years, your genetics and your activity level have played a part in what type of food works best for your body. It is true, that some people can eat more carbs, whiles others can’t. It’s true that some people thrive on protein, while others feel sick while eating it. Furthermore, it’s true that fat is a good source of fuel and energy for our body when taken in the right portions.

Finding the food choices and/or nutrition that works best for you is going to take a little bit of trial and error.  You will need to re-examine the food choices you have made since childhood and dig deep into how each of those choices affected you.  In addition, you will need to do some research into your family heritage, your blood type and foods that you are sensitive too. Ask yourself certain questions that will help you to understand your body better? For example, after I eat nutritious  breakfast, how do I feel? Do I enjoy cooking or would I rather find quick alternatives that work better for me? What healthy fats do I have in my daily nutrition right now?  How much caffeine do I take in each day?

I would highly recommend working with me or someone in my field to help you determine the foods that are right for you. This way, you can feel confident that you are on the right track to get your desired results. The best part, you can still have those feel good foods you enjoy so much. You know why, because your body obviously enjoys them! Just remember, those feel good foods just have balance with other foods you might be lacking currently. Once you have learned how to balance your food choices, you will feel amazing and not guilty about indulging every once in awhile.

All the foods you eat should make you feel happy, not sad or unsatisfied- so find out what food choices fit you!

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