What would Jill eat?

2% yogurt or total (full fat) yogurt

Although I recommend eliminated dairy from your diet for a variety of health reasons. I do believe that having a full fat Greek yogurt on occasion can be good for you. Greek yogurt contains healthy probiotics that can improve your gut health if eaten occasionally. However, the full fat will be very for you because it contains CLA, which helps to burn fat. All other yogurts take out the CLA and replace it with sugar which will make you crave sugar more throughout the day and leave you feeling hungry. Full fat yogurt will make you feel fuller longer and help you burn more calories. In addition, choosing yogurts with fruit have added persevatives and more sugar added to them. It’s better to choose a plain Greek yogurt and add fruit to it. 

In conclusion, the type of yogurt I eat on occasion would be Fage total plain Greek yogurt. It might not be to your liking at first, but try it a few times with fruit and granola before you decide to pass on it. One of my favorites it Greek yogurt with apples and cinnamon. 


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