What would Jill eat?

As you look at the egg section in any supermarket, you will find many different egg choices. Sometimes, it can be overwhelming unless you have always just looked for the conventional Grade A carton.  To be honest, this is the type of egg my parents choose when I was growing up because it was the least expensive type of egg. It wasn’t until I started my career in Nutrition that I realized that this wasn’t the best choice for a healthy body. The conventional Grade A egg doesn’t give the amount of nutrients that a farmers egg or organic egg will give you. Personally, any time I can go to a farmers market and get eggs from a certified organic farmer, this is the egg that I am going to eat. You can notice the difference in the egg as soon as you crack the shell. 

A cage free, free range, grain/grass feed hen is going to produce an egg full of nutrients and a high level of omega 3 because the grain contains flaxseed. The quality of this egg will make you feel fuller longer and may helps to reduce your chances of heart disease, high blood pressure and cholesterol. 

So, always look for a certified organic free range, grain fed egg. If you have a farmers market close to you, always choose those first. 


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