What would Jill eat?

Pizza! Who can resist pizza? Maybe a few people, but not most.

I am a certified health coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and a Precision Nutrition Coach. I love helping people make healthy decisions about what to eat and why. The best part about pizza is its on my list. First, pizza should be a type of food that you have on occasion. Pizza should not be part of your regular meal planning. When you do decided to have a slice or three of pizza, be smart about the kind of pizza you have. Pizza is full of complex carbs, sugar and saturated fat. Therefore, its best to choose a thin crust pizza (less complex carbs), with easy tomato sauce (reducing the amount of sugar), light cheese or no cheese (lowering the amount of saturated fat) and then topping it with your favorite veggies (adding fiber and good nutrients to the body). The best thing about ordering this type of pizza is….. if its cut into slices like you see in the picture, you can safely have 3 slices without feeling guilty.

When I was little, my family and I would go and get pizza every Friday night and then when we got older, we started ordering pizza at home on Fridays. I loved enjoying this with my family and it brings back great memories of my childhood. Now, I like to have these same types of nights with my kids and although we might not have it every Friday night, I like the fact that I can enjoy it with them and not have to pass it up.


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